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Precise, technologically advanced, user-friendly and simple scan to text application and MT OCR engine
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10 April 2014

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This is a OCR application.

MiceText is a user-friendly and simple OCR tool that helps recognize text on a scanned document and make the content editable and searchable. That helps store documents easily and later find them equally easily. The document contents are also searchable so that documents could be found based on known passages, keyword and several other criteria. Physical storage of documents is becoming a huge problem in most businesses. Storing scanned documents is the solution often. Dozens of invoices, letters and documents of various kinds that come every day to your company by fax and traditional mail, as well as those signed directly with customers need to be stored safely. Only when these documents are completely readable, editable and searchable then the system could add value by finding relevant documents quickly. It will be able to find many other similar documents if such a search were needed.

Scan to text is based on the efficient character detection algorithms. Depending on the quality of the scanned image the accuracy could be quite high. However, this success percentage depend on the original quality of the paper, the fonts used in the document and if there is noise on the images. The tilt on the paper when scanning can affect the accuracy of the recognition. This tool is able to correct the rotation to some extent. Some amount of noise cleaning and image enhancement is always useful. Any vertical shifts between two adjacent lines of characters could be automatically adjusted by this tool. The OCR engine has some elements of learning and thus its accuracy will improve when working with same kind of documents on a continuous basis. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

MiceText is a precise, technologically advanced, user-friendly and simple scan to text application and MT OCR engine. Copying the contents of a document is a conversion of its image (created by saving it in a graphic file of the scanned sheet of paper) to the editable text, which can be saved in one of the popular text file formats (word processors). Can convert any image (all major formats) or document from scanner module. Recognises more then 60 languages and more then 30 fonts. Allows to quickly add new fonts. Application saves the extracted text in word, pdf. MiceText provides automatic correction skewed documents. MiceText retains logical structure and formatting elements such as font, layout. Its easy operation is an incentive for every user, regardless of his/her level of experience with computing technologies. The module of graphic filters is an appendix supporting the image correction
Version 3.2
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